Siddha medicine

siddha medicine

siddha medicine

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This article by Serge Canasse has been written from the communication which was given in the worshop: " Les médecines d’Asie aujourd’hui" of the 3rd Congres of Réseau Asie - IMASIE, September 26-27-28, 2007, Paris. An abstract of the communication is available on the newletter of CRECSS (Centre de recherches culture santé société) December 2007 (numero 10).

Egilane learnt during numerous years the yoga from a yogi of the region of Dharmapuri. He teaches nowadays the yoga near Pondichery. He uses these courses to interest people to siddha medicine, a knowledge that he considers as intrinsically linked to the yoga. Every Sundays, he organized sessions during which yoga students can learn how to prepare siddha medicaments.