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siddha medicine

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Registration certificates obtained from the Tamil Nadu Board of Indian medicine and from the Tamil Nadu Siddha Medical Council after its creation on the 29.9.1997. The owner of these certificates was registered in class B which corresponded to the literate practitioners non institutionally trained. Class A was given to practitioners trained in Indian medicine colleges and class C to illiterate traditional practitioners named also nattuvaittiyar (country practitioner).

The enlistment certificates have been given since 1993 by the government of Tamil Nadu. Nevertheless, the Indian Heath Ministry refuses to recognize this certificate and thus the demands for renewal of enlistment periodically launched by the associations of siddha practitioners are always no suited. This certificate as well as the others presented below has no validity to practise siddha medicine.

Madurai citta maruttuva kurukulam diplomas: old and new models. This diploma is given after six-month correspondence courses and an examination on practice and theory. It was established in the 1960s in order to help the practitioners to pass oral and written examinations imposed by the government in 1957 for getting registration, and to improve their knowledge.

The certificates issued by the government for alternative medicine and herbal medicine courses as well as those given by the associations of siddha practitioners or by particular siddha practitioners are of a great variety. Certain practitioners who have no registration seek to obtain several, sometimes many, and exhibit them in their consultation room, as to legitimize their medical practice.